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• Theoharides drug interactions

• Theoharides Autism, basis NeuroProtek in Autism Science Digest 2010

Autism drug interactions

Autism mast cells - BBA 2012

Autism serum IL-6, TNF, luteolin - Transl Psych 9-2015

Autism subtype brain allergy - Clin Therapeutics May 2013

Autism, brain inflammation - J Neuroinflammation 2012

Autism, high serum CRH, neurotensin, dog model - Transl Psych 2104

Autism, hippocampus, molecular profiling - medRxiv Oct 2022

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Molecular Profiling of the Hippocampus of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder - Abstract - Europe PMC

Neuroinflammation, seizures, autism - J Neuroinflamm 2011

Neurotensin, autism - PNAS 2016

Perinatal mast cells, coronavirus, autism - J Pers Med 2021

Extracellular vesicles are increased in the serum of children with autism spectrum disorder

Atopic diseases and inflammation of the brain in the pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders

Extracellular Mitochondrial ATP, Suramin, and Autism?

Children with autism spectrum disorders, who improved with a luteolin-containing dietary formulation, show reduced serum levels of TNF and IL-6

Exosomes in Neurologic and Psychiatric Disorders

Potential Etiologic Factors of Microbiome Disruption in Autism

Neurotensin stimulates sortilin and mTOR in human microglia inhibitable by methoxyluteolin, a potential therapeutic target for autism

Mold and Immunity

Effects of Mycotoxinson Neuropsychiatric Symptoms and Immune Processes

Dysregulated brain immunity and neurotrophin signaling in Rett syndrome and autism spectrum disorders

Autism Drugs in Wealthy Nations

Elevated serum neurotensin and CRH levels in children with autistic spectrum disorders...

Extracellular Mitochondrial Components Secreted from Activated Live Mast Cells Act as “Innate Pathogens” and Contribute to Autism Pathogenesis

The “missing link” in autoimmunity and autism: Extracellular mitochondrial components secreted from activated live mast cells

Focal Brain Inflammation and Autism

NeuroProtek - 2012

Autism, Seizures, JNI 2012

Autism, Allergies JADD

Novel therapeutic targets for autism

Mast cells as targets of corticotropin releasing factor and related peptides

Critical role of mast cells in inflammatory diseases and the effect of acute stress

Autism: an emerging ‘neuroimmune disorder’ in search of therapy

Autism Spectrum Disorders and Mastocytosis

Mercury induces inflammatory mediator release from human mast cells

Mitochondrial DNA and anti-mitochondrial antibodies in serum of autistic children

Neurotensin is increased in serum of young children with autistic disorder

Autism, elevated serum CRH, NT-Transl Psych 2014

Autism, NeuroProtek Clin Therapeutics May 2013

Autism, NeuroProtek, IJIP6-2012

Mast cells, stress, fear, autism, Intl J Mol Sci 2019

Theoharides Autism, basis NeuroProtek in Autism Science Digest 2010

Atopic conditions, Clin Therapeutics May 2013

Autism subtype brain allergy Clin Therapeutics May 2013

Autism, allergies, JADD 2011

Autism Diagnosis & Treatment

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders


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